Bear Fruit

Here’s What’s Happening In My CRAZY Life…

Still settling in after my trip to Florida. We ministered at a Community block party hosted by The Resurrection Church in Miami. I spent the majority of the day struggling with insecurity. I’ve been in ministry for over 12 years now and have been blessed to share the stage with some of the most celebrated ministers in Gospel and Contemporary Christian music. You would think that by now I’d have more confidence, or at least be less concerned with how I'm received. But that day I was just stuck in my mind, feeling inadequate. In the end people gave their lives to the Lord, we baptized them on site and God got all the glory. But it left me feeling

When I had the opportunity to speak with my mentor #RonKenoly, he shared some much needed revelation. He said,

"When a seed get’s planted into the ground it immediately gets covered with dirt. Underneath that dirt it begins to rot. It completely deteriorates down to its lowest form and then, from its state of ruin, it begins to grow. It has to push its way up through the soil and to the surface, it has to

fight against the attacks of insects and weeds, and against overexposure to the elements of wind,

rain and sun. But slowly it begins to bud and bloom, and at the end of its season that same seed,

once rotten, can now effortlessly fulfill the purpose for which it was created- to produce fruit."

His eyes began to tear up and he went on to explain that my role as a minister is much like this little seed. Surrounded with the selfish thirsts of this world, I too must intentionally allow the self-centered ambitions to die away. I must become humbly aware of my position submitted to the Most High God. Then from that place of humility God will begin to entrust me with elevation. Along the way I’ll encounter attacks from the enemy’s attempt to rob & choke out my purpose, or my own collapse under the over exposure of ambition, pursuit of praise or the fear of criticism. But if I cling to God’s divine purpose and His will for my life, in due season, it will become natural & effortless to be who he created me to be-a worshiper who bears the fruit of an imitator of Christ.

He encouraged me saying,

"Your job is to respect the insecurity you feel as a reminder of your requirement to stay humble,

But you must also refuse to be intimidated by that insecurity. You have to remember that your

goal isn’t to be the biggest or even the best tree in the orchard. Your goal is simply to bear fruit."

You guys keep me in prayer as I continue pursuing #CRAZYworship during this years tour season.


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